capulus primum, postea requiem

Make yourself at home

The secret to happiness as an immigrant (or ’expat’) is to build a home versus just living somewhere.

Charles III., The Reformator?

What are the chances of the new but not so young British Monarch of being, not only almost relatable humang being, but also a great reformator of The Monarchy?

Post-pandemic work life will not be what you expect

Post-pandemic office and work life will (likely) not be in many ways what you expect it to be. Based on anegdotal but also data-driven conclusions.

Should you buy into Web3 FOMO?

Live long and prosper. And remember; FOMO is (mostly) a lie.

Your car is (likely) not a (great) tool to escape the disaster

This happened recently on Twitter: mostly random discussion on the ideal tool to escape disaster-hit area. To my surprise, it seems to be incomprensible to some people that their beloved pile of metal running on dinosaur juice might not be ideal tool to escape disaster-hit areas.

2020 Can Still Be The Best Year of Your Life

Maybe. So can 2021, 2022…

Hugo Blogging With Org-Mode

It is not horribly loudly advertised feature, but Hugo blogging tool has buit-in support for org-mode!


On our collective gap in knowledge of American history

Work-From-Home Survival Guide: Eqipment for your Home Office

First, the obvious Some things for the home office has been mentioned in the previous articles, but it's worth mentioning here again. External display, keyboard and mouse In 2020, it is very likely your company provided you with a laptop, not a desktop computer for your remote working. And now, do youself a favor. If you have any space available to set up your home office (room or corner of a room), grant yourself decent external display, keyboard and the mouse.

Work-From-Home Survival Guide: Establish Your Workspace (and Limits)

Why do I make everything complicated? So, even if you are in the position of home office worker temporarily, you still want to establish workspace as much as possible and set limits around it. Obvious reason for that is that you want to defend the holy grail of productivity, but these blog posts are not only about that. You will feel much better and be able to much better fulfill conditions to keep physical and mental well-being while working from home if you define what is your workspace and the limits concerning it.