Work-From-Home Survival Guide: Intro

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Did 2020 start interestingly. Many people who would otherwise commute every single day to work have suddenly due to pandemic become ad-hoc telecommuters. And I have seen in the example of my own company that this can be challenging.

This series of blog posts is meant to be a simple and yet somehow comprehensive guide for a healthy and productive work from home weeks or months ahead.


All of this is written from the perspective of the person who worked fully remote for 8 years and is now occasionally working from home - being in regular circumstances now mostly tied to the office for my working hours. I have experience in this, full time and part time, and I think I can help you.

Who is "you"? Well, this is meant to help mainly people who found themselves in a temporary telecommuting positions or those who are just starting their journey in the full time remote worker.

While my personal experience of working remotely was revolving around software engineering, I do plan for the guide to be useful for anyone who can possibly work remotely, no matter of your profession.

I am still today a big proponent of working remotely, because it gives me personally better focus and much higher productivity than commuting to the office daily - specially to that kind of the office which is popular these days - open floor plan office. But I am aware of the challenges of telecommuting, so hence this guide.