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Work-From-Home Survival Guide: Stay Sane

Mental challenges of being a telecommuter Depending on your personality type (whether you are introvert or extrovert mainly), but also external factors like - if you live alone or you have a family - home office situation can take more toll than on some other people. Apply principles for physical health Most of the things written in previous post apply also here. For one, physical health has a huge effect on mental health.

Work-From-Home Survival Guide: Stay Healthy

Physical Challenges of being a telecommuter When I've first started remote working for overseas employer back in 2001., I have deeply underestimated effects of lack of physical activity on my own health. I was in my early 20s, so it wasn't generally speaking a big deal. But after eight years have passed, outcome wasn't pretty either. My employer was 6 hours away from my time zone, and I was young enough to try to adapt to their timezone instead of setting some limits.

Work-From-Home Survival Guide: Intro

tl;dr Did 2020 start interestingly. Many people who would otherwise commute every single day to work have suddenly due to pandemic become ad-hoc telecommuters. And I have seen in the example of my own company that this can be challenging. This series of blog posts is meant to be a simple and yet somehow comprehensive guide for a healthy and productive work from home weeks or months ahead. Basics All of this is written from the perspective of the person who worked fully remote for 8 years and is now occasionally working from home - being in regular circumstances now mostly tied to the office for my working hours.